Interactive Pistol
(2 Days, 400 Rounds)
Training to prevail with the handgun occurs at three training levels: essentials, combative aspects and interactive aspects. At the interactive level, the skills learned at the first two levels (covered in Combative Pistol and Advanced Combative Pistol) are tested to ensure they work as it is confidence in one’s skill that helps overcome fear in conflict! This course reviews the essential skills on the live fire range and then transitions to man on man interactive training with airsoft guns to prove to the students their essential skills will indeed work in conflict. This is not a scenario- based course but a man on man conflict program of instruction that will lead to better performance in scenario based training. It is to grow confidence in skill…and we have known for centuries that it is confidence in skill that helps overcome fear in conflict. The course will also offer some interesting insights into individual performance. NOTE: In addition to standard range gear, each student will need an airsoft pistol capable of semi-automatic fire that mimics their carry gun, green gas/CO2 cartridges, protective gear and 6mm airsoft pellets.